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A Photo Editor. As I sit here, on my Ikea leather couch, theres a grizzled old white dude staring at me from the cover of a photo book. I cant tell you which book yet, as that would break the implicit rule of this column. Fun Photo Editor Full Version' title='Fun Photo Editor Full Version' />Fun Photo Editor Full VersionYou know, I talk about other stuff first, and then review a photobook later on. Its a system that works. Simple. Clean. So obviously, Im trying to stay away from naming the book just yet, but this guys creeping me out, drawing my attention away from the computer screen. PauseOK, Im back. Since I wrote my column addressing the various wrongs that men have committed towards women, the monster slug Harvey Weinstein among them, things have only gotten more out of control. Kevin Spacey, who so believably played a sociopath on the excellent, if soapy, House of Cards, has been outed as a serial molester, and peodophile. Hes so toxic, that today it was announced that Ridley Scott would re shoot EVERY scene featuring Spacey, in a movie that was already complete, and still try to release the thing in 6 weeks. Countless executives have gone down, at magazines, radio and TV stations, and film studios. And the most bizarre story of them all, which I read today in a reputable publication, is that Charlie Sheen reputedly statutory raped Corey Haim, on the set of Lucas, for gods sake, when they were 1. What the fuck is going on here, people Nasty men crave power because it lets them do what they want. If you want to hurt people, if youre a bad guy, the only way to get away with doing what you want, if youre smart about it, is to make sure your victims dont talk. Some monsters kill their prey, to make sure they stay quiet. Others use intimidation, in the form of leverage over a persons family, career, or bodily safety. People like Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, and now Louis CK, made themselves successful, Id venture, so that they could utilize their stations to enact their sick fantasies, but not have to go to jail for it. A benefit of their talent and intelligence. Only now, with every story having at least the POTENTIAL to go viral, its not so easy to hide as it was before the ubiquity of social media. Oh, and one more reason these guys are also proxies for President Trump. It pains me to write those two words in succession. People are lashing out, and bringing down all these sexual abusers, because so far, our Commander in chief has not only gotten away scott free with his crimes, but seems to have prospered. And since nobody can touch him, this cascade of takedowns has to suffice. As I sit here, on my Ikea leather couch, theres a grizzledoldwhitedude staring at me from the cover of a photo book. I cant tell you which book yet, as that. But lately, weve only been talking about the horrible men. Were not all like that. Surely you know this. Among men, there are millions and millions of kind, open hearted, helpful people. Brave souls and hard workers. Adventurers and heroes. New version of awardwinning photo editor created by Macphun team for Mac PC. Pre order Luminar today and get an exclusive price for the most advanced image editing. Offering single and multiple conversion types along with a batch image converter, resizing, and Full Screen image viewer. Worlds Best Photo Editing Software With 3 Hours Of Gimp Video Tutorials And Special Effects Download Free Photo Editing Programs Now. Order the full version of a CADKAS software here. Minecraft Pocket Edition mod apk Final full version of the popular game Minecraft form ApkHouse Minecraft Pocket Edition Mod immortality no damage Android. Fun Photo Editor Full Version' title='Fun Photo Editor Full Version' />Its true. Advent Media Center Drivers. And some of use, myself not included, are of a hardcore variety that requires death and gravity be defied. That notions of whats possible get strained, then broken. Here Im thinking about the men, and thankfully women, though only a couple that I just looked at when I perused The Climbers, a new book by Jim Herrington, published by Mountaineers Books. Now that weve made it, congratulations, it was a wild ride today, I can tell you that the grimacing guy on the cover is none other than Bradford Washburn, a climbing legend who apparently has a titular museum in Colorado. He passed away in 2. I learned, when I flipped through the handy alphabetical bio guide that gives us a little info on each subject. Jim Herringon, it turns out, is a climber as well as a photographer, and what became the book was at first a long term project to meet and shoot the legends of the golden age of climbing, from the 1. Wsus Microsoft Update Server Url What Is It there. The time when the biggest mountains on Earth, including the worlds fourteen 8. Who would get to claim the initial ascentHow did these people get by on such primitive equipment Relative to now, of course. And what kind of person would be strong and crazy enough to physically lift themselves, by the strength of their own muscles, bit by bit up sheer rock, or ice, until they reach the top Now, to address my intro, theres no way to know if all these subjects were good guys, so to speak. Some of them might well have been dicks. And judging from Mr. Herringtons well written preface, Warren Harding probably would have been on that list. But what they all share, or shared, as people was a compendium of admirable characteristics Strength. Determination. Bravery. Endurance. Perseverance. You get my point. The book gives enough info at the beginning to set you up to understand the people in the plates thereafter. I liked the foreward and Herringtons preface, and was all set to read the essay, but at 4. I liked the pictures too, beyond the fact that they were showing us a subculture I barely knew existed. But I found them uneven, as some of the more environmental portraits felt a little loose, and regular, while many of the sharper, tighter portraits conveyed real emotion in the subjects eyes, and showed more craft. I mentioned the cover photo of Mr. Washburn, but there were many more, like Sonia Livanos, who apparently explored the Dolomites in the 5. Mark Powell, who made the first ascent of totem pole in Monument Valley. Again, I really like that its so easy to toggle between the photo and the alphabetical photo bio in the back, as I just did it to find more info about the portraits I liked. Nexus Crack Mac on this page. Jeff Lowe, who was photographed in Johnston, Colorado, was depicted in 2. Its a sad, textured image, with terrific light, and definitely shows off that elevated aesthetic. Turns to Bio section. Apparently, hes a climbing legend and festival builder who got the sport into the Winter X games. I wonder why hes so sad Is he too sick to climb Maybe I should skim that super long essay to find out if there are more details about him, and the picture Regardless, this is a smart, well made book filled with interesting photographs about fascinating people. That is a good recipe to get your book reviewed. But as its a book by a man, made predominately about men, I did have one last thing to say. Our recent outreach effort to get more submissions from female photographers seems to have paid off, as I got a bunch of great books in the mail of late. Going forward, well be able to have a better balance, so thanks to all of you who helped spread the word. Bottom Line A fascinating look at famous mountaineers. To purchase The Climbers click here. If youd like to submit a book for review, please email me at jonathanblausteingmail.