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The company was founded in a one car garage in Palo Alto by William Bill Redington Hewlett and David Dave Packard, and initially produced a line of electronic test equipment. HP was the worlds leading PC manufacturer from 2. Q2 2. 01. 3, after which Lenovo came to rank ahead of HP. It specialized in developing and manufacturing computing, data storage, and networking hardware, designing software and delivering services. Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows Mobile smartphone. Announced Jul 2013. Features 4. 5 AMOLED display, Snapdragon S4 Plus chipset, 41 MP 38 MP primary camera, 1. MP front. New USed Motorcycles for sale from all of the biggest motorbike dealers in the UK Everything is inder one roof so why look anywhere else for your new and used. Highvolume laser multifunction printers. Color LaserJet flow Multifunction Printer M880 Color LaserJet Multifunction M680 Printer LaserJet 600 Multifunction Printer. Find all HP Printer Ink Cartridges and HP Toner Cartridges. Welcome to our Hewlett Packard printer supplies page. HP printers have been printing pioneers. BITS/XL/xlperipherals/1020.jpg' alt='Via Driver For Hp Laserjet P1007 Printer' title='Via Driver For Hp Laserjet P1007 Printer' />Via Driver For Hp Laserjet P1007 PrinterFind Memory RAM Upgrade for Computer Desktop PCs, Laptop Notebooks Servers. Add or Replace RAM for Dell, HP Compaq Notebooks. Major product lines included personal computing devices, enterprise and industry standard servers, related storage devices, networking products, software and a diverse range of printers and other imaging products. HP marketed its products to households, small to medium sized businesses and enterprises directly as well as via online distribution, consumer electronics and office supply retailers, software partners and major technology vendors. HP also had services and consulting business around its products and partner products. Hewlett Packard company events included the spin off of its electronic and bio analytical measurement instruments part of its business as Agilent Technologies in 1. Compaq in 2. 00. 2, and the acquisition of EDS in 2. Fortune 5. 00 ranking of 9 in 2. Uprising 2 Game. L/0/L011-405.jpg' alt='Via Driver For Hp Laserjet P1007 Printer' title='Via Driver For Hp Laserjet P1007 Printer' />In November 2. HP announced the acquisition of 3. Catalogs/HP-Color-LaserJet-CP1215/CP1215-Images/CP1215-printer.jpg' alt='Via Driver For Hp Laserjet P1007 Printer' title='Via Driver For Hp Laserjet P1007 Printer' />Com,4 with the deal closing on April 1. On April 2. 8, 2. HP announced the buyout of Palm, Inc. On September 2, 2. HP won its bidding war for 3. PAR with a 3. 3 a share offer 2. Dell declined to match. On October 6, 2. Hewlett Packard announced plans to split the PC and printers business from its enterprise products and services business. The split closed on November 1, 2. HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. In 2. Hewlett Packard Enterprise spun off its Enterprises Services division as DXC Technology and its Software division to Micro Focus. Historyedit. Hewlett Packard logo used from 1. William Redington Hewlett9 and David Packard graduated with degrees in electrical engineering from Stanford University in 1. The company originated in a garage in nearby Palo Alto during a fellowship they had with a past professor, Frederick Terman at Stanford during the Great Depression. Terman was considered a mentor to them in forming Hewlett Packard. In 1. 93. 8, Packard and Hewlett begin part time work in a rented garage with an initial capital investment of US5. In 1. 93. 9 Hewlett and Packard decided to formalize their partnership. They tossed a coin to decide whether the company they founded would be called Hewlett Packard HP or Packard Hewlett. HP incorporated on August 1. November 6, 1. 95. Of the many projects they worked on, their very first financially successful product was a precision audio oscillator, the Model HP2. A. Their innovation was the use of a small incandescent light bulb known as a pilot light as a temperature dependent resistor in a critical portion of the circuit, the negative feedback loop which stabilized the amplitude of the output sinusoidal waveform. This allowed them to sell the Model 2. A for 8. 9. 4. 0 when competitors were selling less stable oscillators for over 2. The Model 2. 00 series of generators continued until at least 1. AB, still tube based but improved in design through the years. One of the companys earliest customers was Walt Disney Productions which bought eight Model 2. B oscillators at 7. Fantasoundsurround sound systems installed in theaters for the movie Fantasia. They worked on counter radar technology and artillery shell fuses during World War II, which allowed Packard but not Hewlett to be exempt from the draft. The HP2. 00. A, a precision audio oscillator, was the companys very first financially successful product. HP is recognized as the symbolic founder of Silicon Valley, although it did not actively investigate semiconductor devices until a few years after the traitorous eight had abandoned William Shockley to create Fairchild Semiconductor in 1. Hewlett Packards HP Associates division, established around 1. Instruments and calculators were some of the products using these devices. HP partnered in the 1. Sony and the Yokogawa Electric companies in Japan to develop several high quality products. The products were not a huge success, as there were high costs in building HP looking products in Japan. HP and Yokogawa formed a joint venture Yokogawa Hewlett Packard in 1. HP products in Japan. HP bought Yokogawa Electrics share of Hewlett Packard Japan in 1. HP spun off a small company, Dynac, to specialize in digital equipment. The name was picked so that the HP logo hp could be turned upside down to be a reverse reflect image of the logo dy of the new company. Eventually Dynac changed to Dymec, then was folded back into HP in 1. HP experimented with using Digital Equipment Corporation DEC minicomputers with its instruments, but after deciding that it would be easier to build another small design team than deal with DEC, HP entered the computer market in 1. HP 2. 10. 0 HP 1. These had a simple accumulator based design, with registers arranged somewhat similarly to the Intel x. The series was produced for 2. HP 9. 80. 0 and HP 2. Hewlett Packard logo used from 1. The HP 3. 00. 0 was an advanced stack based design for a business computing server, later redesigned with RISC technology. The HP 2. 64. 0 series of smart and intelligent terminals introduced forms based interfaces to ASCII terminals, and also introduced screen labeled function keys, now commonly used on gas pumps and bank ATMs. The HP 2. 64. 0 series included one of the first bit mapped graphics displays that when combined with the HP 2. MX F Series microcoded Scientific Instruction Set1. WYSIWYGPresentation Program, BRUNO that later became the program HP Draw on the HP 3. Although scoffed at in the formative days of computing, HP would eventually surpass even IBM as the worlds largest technology vendor, in terms of sales. Introduced in 1. 96. The new Hewlett Packard 9. A personal computer is ready, willing, and able. Although Programma 1. HP is identified by Wired magazine as the producer of the worlds first device to be called a personal computer, the Hewlett Packard 9. A, introduced in 1. Programma 1. 01 was called computer personale in Italian, at Fiera di Milano, 1. HP called it a desktop calculator, because, as Bill Hewlett said, If we had called it a computer, it would have been rejected by our customers computer gurus because it didnt look like an IBM. We therefore decided to call it a calculator, and all such nonsense disappeared. An engineering triumph at the time, the logic circuit was produced without any integrated circuits the assembly of the CPU having been entirely executed in discrete components. With CRT display, magnetic card storage, and printer, the price was around 5,0. The machines keyboard was a cross between that of a scientific calculator and an adding machine. There was no alphabetic keyboard.