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Each year, ICTP organizes more than 60 international conferences and workshops, along with numerous seminars and colloquiums. These activities keep the Centre at the. Andy Warhol American Pop Artist, 19281987 Guide to pictures of works by Andy Warhol in art museum sites and image archives worldwide. CONTENTS. 007. Introduction Building from Waste Dirk E. Hebel Marta H. Wisniewska Felix Heisel. City and Refuse SelfReliant Systems and Urban Terrains. Phys. org provides the latest news on engineering technology, engineering science, computer engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, aerospace. Physics conferences gathers top leading physicists, professors, directors, students and industrial professionals from america, usa, europe, asia pacific, middle east. ETH Zurich. Omics group has scheduled its 2014, 20 international and scientific conferences, meetings, events, workshops and symposiums in america, europe, asia. The discography of King Crimson consists of 13 studio albums, 15 live albums, 13 compilation albums, 3 extended plays, 14 singles and 6 video albums. Zurich Condensed' title='Zurich Condensed' />Physics ConferencesPhysics MeetingsUSAEuropeMiddle EastAsia Pacific2. Conference Series Ltd. Meet Inspiring Speakers and Experts at our 3. Global Conferenceseries Events with over 1. Conferences, 1. 00. Symposiums and 1. Workshops on Medical, Pharma, Engineering, Science, Technology and Business. Explore and learn more about Conference Series Ltd Worlds leading Event Organizer. Novel Quantum States in Condensed Matter 2. On this workshop. In 2. 00. 7, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics YITP started new project Yukawa International Program of Quark Hadron Sciences YIPQS funded by Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. In this project, YITP hosts two or three long term workshops each year, and invites leading experts to stimulate discussion and to foster collaborations among workshop participants. This time, we hold Novel Quantum States in Condensed Matter 2. NQS2. 01. 7, as a successor of the two long term workshops held under the same title in the past NQS2. NQS2. 01. 4. Our focus in this time is on topological phases and related topics, which include strongly correlated topological phases e. During the workshop, participants stay at YITP with desks and other facilities. Cerec Software 4.3 on this page. They can take ample time for discussions with other participants in the comfortable climate of October November in Kyoto. Just after the workshop, a satellite workshop Oxide Superspin 2. OSS2. 01. 7 will be held from Nov. Schedule Venue Start October 2. Close November 2. Panasonic Auditorium, Yukawa Hall, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan. Tentative schedule and topics featured. Oct. 2. 3 Nov. 1. Topological materials. Nov. 6 Nov. 2. 4 3rd 5th week Strongly correlated systems. Nov. 1. 3 Nov. 2. Artificial systems. Symposium Nov. 8 1. Mini symposium Nov. Subjects. Spin liquids, strongly correlated topological phases, and their realizations. Topological insulators, Weyl and Dirac semimetals and related quantum phenomena. Topological superconductors, and exotic excitations. Quantum entanglement, tensor networks, and other new concepts applied to symmetry protectedenriched topological phases and other new kinds of quantum orders. Topological phases realized in non equilibrium settings Floquet, quantum gas, etc. Photonic crystals, mechanical topological phases, etc. Spin Hall effects, Skyrmion, and other spintronics related topics Invited Speakers Frederic Mila EPFL Roderich Moessner MPI,Pk. STakashi Oka MPI,Pk. SDuncan Haldane PrincetonJoel Moore UC BerkeleyShinsei Ryu ChicagoAlexander Altland CologneLiang Fu MITSenthil Todadri MITErez Berg ChicagoAchim Rosch CologneManfred Sigrist ETH Zurich. Please check Program. Organizing Committee. Sumio Ishihara Tohoku. Hirokazu Tsunetsugu ISSP. Masao Ogata Tokyo. Yukitoshi Motome Tokyo. Takami Tohyama TUS. Shuichi Murakami Tokyo Tech. Yoichi Yanase Kyoto. Masatoshi Sato YITP, Chair. Keisuke Totsuka YITP. Ippei Danshita YITP. Manfred Sigrist ETH Zurich. Leon Balents UCSB. Nishinomiya City.