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The Most Favourite, Famous, Extremely Wanted and Most Soughtafter Gadgets Collection. Windows Sidebar For Windows 7 32 Bit' title='Windows Sidebar For Windows 7 32 Bit' />Windows XP Wikipedia. Windows XPA version of the Windows NT operating system. Screenshot of Windows XP, showing the start menu, taskbar and the My Computer window. Developer. Microsoft. Source model. Closed source, shared source1Released tomanufacturing. August 2. 4, 2. 00. Generalavailability. October 2. 5, 2. 00. Latest release. Service Pack 3 5. April 2. 1, 2. 00. Update method. Windows Update. Windows Server Update Services WSUSSystem Center Configuration Manager SCCMPlatforms. IA 3. 2, x. 86 6. Itanium. Kernel type. Hybrid. License. Trialware, volume licensing, Saa. SPreceded by. Windows 2. Windows ME 2. 00. Succeeded by. Windows Vista 2. Support status. Mainstream support ended on April 1. Cesar Millan Mastering Leadership Series. Extended support ended on April 8, 2. Exceptions exist see Support lifecycle for details. Windows XP codenamed Whistler is a personal computeroperating system that was produced by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. It was released to manufacturing on August 2. October 2. 5, 2. 00. Development of Windows XP began in the late 1. Neptune, an operating system built on the Windows NT kernel which was intended specifically for mainstream consumer use. An updated version of Windows 2. January 2. 00. 0, both projects were shelved in favor of a single OS codenamed Whistler, which would serve as a single OS platform for both consumer and business markets. Windows XP was a major advance from the MS DOS based versions of Windows in security, stability and efficiency5 due to its use of Windows NT underpinnings. It introduced a significantly redesigned graphical user interface and was the first version of Windows to use product activation in an effort to reduce its copyright infringement. Upon its release, Windows XP received generally positive reviews, with critics noting increased performance and overall stability especially in comparison to Windows ME, a more intuitive user interface, improved hardware support, and its expanded multimedia capabilities. Despite some initial concerns over the new licensing model and product activation system, Windows XP eventually proved to be popular and widely used. It is estimated that at least 4. Windows XP were sold globally within its first five years of availability,78 and at least one billion copies were sold by April 2. Sales of Windows XP licenses to original equipment manufacturers OEMs ceased on June 3. October 2. 01. 0. Extended support for Windows XP ended on April 8, 2. As of August 2. 01. Windows XP desktop market share makes it the fourth most popular Windows version after Windows 7, Windows 1. Windows 8. 1. 1. 0DevelopmenteditNeptune and OdysseyeditIn the late 1. Windows XP was focused on two individual products Odyssey, which was reportedly intended to succeed the future Windows 2. Neptune, which was reportedly a consumer oriented operating system using the Windows NT architecture, succeeding the MS DOS based Windows 9. Based on the NT 5. Windows 2. 00. 0, Neptune primarily focused on offering a simplified, task based interface based on a concept known internally as activity centers, originally planned to be implemented in Windows 9. A number of activity centers were planned, serving as hubs for email communications, playing music, managing or viewing photos, searching the Internet, and viewing recently used content. A single build of Neptune, 5. Windows 2. 00. 0 in places, revealed early work on the activity center concept, with an updated user account interface and graphical login screen, common functions such as recently used programs being accessible from a customizable Starting Places page which could be used as either a separate window, or a full screen desktop replacement. However, the project proved to be too ambitious. Microsoft discussed a plan to delay Neptune in favor of an interim OS known as Asteroid, which would have been an update to Windows 2. Windows NT 5. 0, and have a consumer oriented version. At the Win. HEC conference on April 7, 1. Steve Ballmer announced an updated version of Windows 9. Windows Millennium, breaking a promise made by Microsoft CEO Bill Gates in 1. Windows 9. 8 would be the final consumer oriented version of Windows to use the MS DOS architecture. Concepts introduced by Neptune would influence future Windows products in Windows ME, the activity center concept was used for System Restore and Help and Support Center which both combined Win. Internet Explorers layout engine, the hub concept would be expanded on Windows Phone, and Windows 8 would similarly use a simplified user interface running atop the existing Windows shell. WhistlereditIn January 2. Windows 2. 00. 0, technology writer Paul Thurrott reported that Microsoft had shelved both Neptune and Odyssey in favor of a new product codenamed Whistler, after Whistler, British Columbia, as many Microsoft employees skied at the Whistler Blackcomb ski resort. The goal of Whistler was to unify both the consumer and business oriented Windows lines under a single, Windows NT platform Thurrott stated that Neptune had become a black hole when all the features that were cut from Windows ME were simply re tagged as Neptune features. And since Neptune and Odyssey would be based on the same code base anyway, it made sense to combine them into a single project. At Win. HEC in April 2. Microsoft officially announced and presented an early build of Whistler, focusing on a new modularized architecture, built in CD burning, fast user switching, and updated versions of the digital media features introduced by ME. Windows general manager Carl Stork stated that Whistler would be released in both consumer and business oriented versions built atop the same architecture, and that there were plans to update the Windows interface to make it warmer and more friendly. In June 2. 00. 0, Microsoft began the technical beta testing process. Whistler was expected to be made available in Personal, Professional, Server, Advanced Server, and Datacenter editions. At PDC on July 1. Microsoft announced that Whistler would be released during the second half of 2. The build notably introduced an early version of a new visual styles system along with an interim theme known as Professional later renamed Watercolor, and contained a hidden Start page a full screen page similar to Neptunes Starting Places, and a hidden, early version of a two column Start menu design. Build 2. 25. 7 featured further refinements to the Watercolor theme, along with the official introduction of the two column Start menu, and the addition of an early version of Windows Firewall. Beta versionseditMicrosoft released Whistler Beta 1, build 2. October 3. 1, 2. 00. In January 2. 00. Internet Explorer 6. Microsoft Product Activation system. Bill Gates dedicated a portion of his keynote at Consumer Electronics Show to discuss Whistler, explaining that the OS would bring the dependability of our highest end corporate desktop, and total dependability, to the home, and also move it in the direction of making it very consumer oriented. Making it very friendly for the home user to use. Alongside Beta 1, it was also announced that Microsoft would prioritize the release of the consumer oriented versions of Whistler over the server oriented versions in order to gauge reaction, but that they would be both generally available during the second half of 2. Whistler Server would ultimately be delayed into 2.