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Juno is a 2007 American coming of age comedydrama independent film directed by Jason Reitman and written by Diablo Cody. Ellen Page stars as the title character, an. The Iron Lady trope as used in popular culture. Nonroyal women in positions of power are almost always portrayed as very stoic and nononsense, at least. Mothers Day is Sunday. Does anyone need to put that on their calendar If you have a mom in your life and you havent already placed an order for flowersmade a. Tecna is from Zenith, the Guardian Fairy of Zenith, one of the founding members of the Winx. How to Not Eff Up Your Partners Mothers Day. Mothers Day is Sunday. Does anyone need to put that on their calendar If you have a mom in your life and you havent already placed an order for flowersmade a dinner reservationprocured a card, now is the time to do so If you are fortunate enough to have more than one mom in your life say, your mom, the mother of your children, and your mother in law Mothers Day can get overwhelming, fast. This Sunday is Mothers Day, which means millions of moms at least in the US will be treated Read more Read. And yet, it must be celebrated. I know, its a commercial, made up holiday, co opted by marketers to get you to buy things. But Im of the opinion that we need more celebrations in our lives, not fewer, andunless your partner is one of the few mothers on earth who really, truly does not careIm guessing she wants the day acknowledged in some shape or form. I know this can be a little anxiety provoking. I dont love coming up with the perfect celebrations for birthdays or Fathers Day eitherno one is immune from pressure to perform around gift giving holidays. In fact, one friend in a two mom family declined to comment for this story, afraid her wife would see it and be reminded of past celebratory fails. To give you the best shot at hitting this out of the park, I spoke to a few experts. Belle And Sebastian Expectations Wiki' title='Belle And Sebastian Expectations Wiki' />Do not do nothing. If you are anything like me, you may prefer avoidance to trying something and muffing it. But even the smallest efforta bunch of supermarket flowers, a drugstore cardis wildly, dramatically better than doing nothing at all. Acknowledge it immediately upon waking. Set an alarm if you have to. Dont let your partner get up with the kids and get them breakfast and wonder if youve forgotten entirely. Ask. Or dont ask. Bellenew.jpg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/516?cb=20140719140150' alt='Belle And Sebastian Expectations Wiki' title='Belle And Sebastian Expectations Wiki' />Belle And Sebastian Expectations WikiYou know your partner best. Mothers opinions are divided right down the middle here. Claire Zulkey, a writer and a mom of two in Evanston, Illinois, says, I have come to realize how silly it is for a partner to sit back and expect someone to magically know your deepest wishes. I think my husband loves it when Im like I want to stay in bed on Mothers Day or I want to go a baseball game on Mothers Day, because then he is always happy to oblige, but doesnt have to spend time trying to discern what I want deep down. Hell do a little something that is his own surprisetreat, but I otherwise manifest my own good day. But other moms want to be surprised, and might even be annoyed at your asking. You know your partner best Is she happiest with deciding what to do, or is she happiest being surprised by a fully thought out and executed plan Do that. Eggs Benedict is the undisputed star of brunch, but that tricky Hollandaise sauce can frustrateRead more Read. Put your partner first. If youre lucky enough to have more than one mother in your lifeyour sweetheart, your MIL, your own mother, maybe assorted stepmothers or mentors or beloved aunts tossed in therethere will be a lot of moms who expect to celebrated, all in a single day. What are you supposed to do if these moms dont want to celebrate together Answer You prioritize the mom of your own kids. Dont make your partner compete for her Mothers Day by spending it with her mother in law, says Allison Slater Tate, a contributing writer at TODAY Parents. Sinead Smyth, a therapist in Alameda, California, and a master trainer for the Gottman Institute, says As a couples therapist, I would say that celebrating the mom of your own kids has got to be top priority, just in terms of what youre creating in your own relationship and your own family. One workaround Offer to celebrate Mothers Day with your partner on a different day entirely. If shes preparing a celebration for her own mom, she might be pleased to take her special day the Saturday before, or on the following weekend. Laura Venuto, a New York City psychotherapist specializing in postpartum mental health issues, said in an email, Many families have traditions that make it difficult for moms to take a break on Mothers Day. All too often, theres a mother preparing a celebration for her daughters and grandchildren or her mother and mother in law on a day that should be an opportunity for respite for all mothers. If this is the situation in your family, your partner might appreciate 1 your taking over that celebration of the other mothers and 2 offering her a rain check for her own special event. Make Mothers Day part of a bigger conversation. Mismatched expectations around Mothers Day, Fathers Day, birthdaysall the holidaysare really mismatched expectations about values, family, and celebrations. These kind of conflicts are best resolved, say Smythe, through intentional conversations about how each member of the couple feels valued and appreciated, how you demonstrate your affection for each other, and how you want to include or not include your other relatives in your immediate familys celebrations. Couples that tend to be successfulthat are happy, that have high degrees of emotional connectionactually do have intentional conversations about traditions, holidays, and rituals that are meaningful to them. They talk about why things are meaningful, and theyre working together to create a sense of shared meaning within the couple and for the family as well. We all have that one person in our life that buys everything they want on their own. They dont ask Read more Read. Often these conversations will reveal startlingly information My own husband was surprised when I told him that I like when he shows his affection for me by cooking a meal Ive asked for short ribs and carrot cake for Mothers Day. This is not high in his value systemhe says he likes when I show him my affection by buying him a new Telecaster guitar. Other mothers might feel valued by, well, being released from the household entirely for a period of timeseveral women in my moms group want to celebrate Mothers Day with a couple of girlfriends and a fat blunt. One woman I interviewed goes for chicken and waffles with her wife and son, and then they go for a hike as a family. Who knows The point of the intentional conversations is to avoid the frantic rifling of picked over cards at the Rite Aid at 8 a. Sunday morning, and to develop an affectionate and joyful culture of celebration in your family. And what goes around comes around. Pardon me while I price out Telecasters. Juno film Wikipedia. This article is about the film. For other uses, see Juno. Juno is a 2. 00. 7 American coming of agecomedy drama independent film directed by Jason Reitman and written by Diablo Cody. Ellen Page stars as the title character, an independent minded teenager confronting an unplanned pregnancy and the subsequent events that put pressures of adult life onto her. Michael Cera, Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman, Allison Janney and J. K. Simmons also star. Filming spanned from early February to March 2. Vancouver, British Columbia. It premiered on September 8 at the 2. Toronto International Film Festival, receiving a standing ovation. Juno won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and earned three other Oscar nominations, including Best Picture and Best Actress for Page. The films soundtrack, featuring several songs performed by Kimya Dawson in various guises, was the first chart topping soundtrack since Dreamgirls and 2. Century Foxs first number one soundtrack since Titanic. Juno earned back its initial budget of 6. It went on to earn 2. Juno received acclaim from critics, many of whom placed the film on their top ten lists for the year. It has received criticism and praise from members of both the pro life and pro choice communities regarding its treatment of abortion. Plot. Sixteen year old Minnesota high schooler Juno Mac. Guff Ellen Page discovers she is pregnant by her friend and longtime admirer, Paulie Bleeker Michael Cera. She initially considers an abortion. Going to a local clinic run by a womens group, she encounters a schoolmate outside who is holding a one person protest for pro life vigil. Once inside, however, a variety of factors lead Juno to leave. She decides against abortion, and she decides to give the baby up for adoption. With the help of her friend Leah Olivia Thirlby, Juno searches the ads in the Pennysaver and finds a couple she feels will provide a suitable home. She tells her father, Mac J. K. Simmons, and stepmother, Bren Allison Janney, who offer their support. With Mac, Juno meets the couple, Mark and Vanessa Loring Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner, in their expensive home and agrees to a closed adoption. Juno visits Mark a few times, with whom she shares tastes in punk rock and horror films. Mark, who has set aside his rock band youth now confined to memorabilia displayed in the one room of the house that Vanessa has designated for Marks personal belongings, works at home composing commercial jingles. Juno and Leah happen to see Vanessa in a shopping mall being completely at ease with a child, and Juno encourages Vanessa to talk to her baby in the womb, where it kicks for her. As the pregnancy progresses, Juno struggles with the emotions she feels for the babys father, Paulie, who is clearly in love with Juno. Juno maintains an outwardly indifferent attitude toward Paulie, but when she learns he has asked another girl to the upcoming prom, she angrily confronts him. Paulie reminds Juno that it is at her request they remain distant and tells her that she broke his heart. Not long before her baby is due, Juno is again visiting Mark when their interaction becomes emotional. Mark then tells her he will be leaving Vanessa to figure his life out. Sacred Plus No Cd Patch here. Juno is horrified by this revelation, with Mark asking Juno How do you think of me Mark is starting to develop feelings for Juno. Vanessa arrives home, and Mark tells her he does not feel ready to be a father and there are still things he wants to do first. Juno watches the Loring marriage fall apart, then drives away and breaks down in tears by the side of the road. Returning to the Lorings home, she leaves a note and disappears as they answer the door. After a heartfelt discussion with her father, Juno accepts that she loves Paulie. Juno then tells Paulie she loves him, and Paulies actions make it clear her feelings are very much reciprocated. Not long after, Juno goes into labor and is rushed to the hospital, where she gives birth to a baby boy. She had deliberately not told Paulie because of his track meet. Seeing her missing from the stands, Paulie rushes to the hospital, finds Juno has given birth to their son, and comforts Juno as she cries. Vanessa comes to the hospital where she joyfully claims the newborn boy as a single adoptive mother. On the wall in the babys new nursery, Vanessa has framed Junos note, which reads Vanessa If youre still in, Im still in. Juno. The film ends in the summertime with Juno and Paulie playing guitar and singing together, followed by a kiss. Cast. ThemesYou can look at it as a film that celebrates life and celebrates childbirth, or you can look at it as a film about a liberated young girl who makes a choice to continue being liberated. Or you can look at it as some kind of twisted love story, you know, a meditation on maturity. Diablo Cody. Along with Knocked Up and Waitress, two other 2. Juno was interpreted by some critics as having a pro life theme. Ann Hulbert of Slate magazine believed that Juno undercut both pro life and pro choice purism. Jeff Dawson of The Sunday Times believed that the film was inevitably placed in the unwanted pregnancy subgenre with Knocked Up and Waitress due to its subject matter but thought that its interpretation as a pro life film only muddied the waters. Hadley Freeman of The Guardian criticized Juno for completing a hat trick of American comedies in the past 1. I dont believe any of these films is consciously designed to be anti abortion propaganda. A. O. Scott, writing for The New York Times, agreed that Juno has an underlying theme, a message that is not anti abortion but rather pro adulthood. Ellen Page commented, What I get most frustrated at is when people call it a pro life movie, which is just absurd. The most important thing is the choice is there, and the film completely demonstrates that. Cody and Page have openly stated that they are pro choice 1. Reitman thought that it was fantastic that pro life and pro choice groups were embracing the film. He said that Juno seems to be a mirror, and people on both sides see themselves in it. Other critics labeled Juno as feminist because of its portrayal of Juno as a confident and intelligent teenage girl. Antifeminist. Phyllis Schlafly wrote that Junos theme isnt love, romance, or respect for life, but the triumph of feminist ideology, i. Wesley Morris of The Boston Globe concluded Juno serves cool, intelligent girls something they rarely see in a movie themselves. Cody said about writing the film, Women are clever, women are funny, women are sharp, and I wanted to show that these girls were human and not the stereotypical teenage girls that we often see in the media1. There was a lack of authentic teen girl characters. I saw writing this screenplay as an opportunity to create an iconic female. Page praised the film for its positive depiction of teenage girls, describing Junos character as really refreshing and allowing for new possibilities in what young women can be1. Girls havent had that sort of character before. We dont have our Catcher in the Rye. She criticized the media perception of her character as a strong woman, arguing that if Juno were a male character, the strength of the character would not be considered remarkable.